v6 tools

This site contains a collection of software intended to aid the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 as well as software to make IPv6 more useful and easier to work with.

Software on this site is developed on a volunteer basis by Kasper Dupont. Some software on this site will be released as open source. Other software will remain proprietary until a better way to fund continued development emerges.

Usage scenario

IPv4 has as of this writing been outdated for 20 years. I believe that we need to make it feasible for ISPs to deploy IPv6-only networks, and we need to do so now. The way I see that happening is with transit providers offering NAT64 to their customers. ISPs serving end users can operate their network entirely IPv6-only, and legacy applications can be served by 464XLAT with the CLAT deployed on the CPE.

All of the software on this site is intended to be useful on networks where the CPE does CLAT and transit providers do NAT64 with an ISP operating an IPv6-only network between those. Though that scenario is the usage scenario targeted by the software on this site, most of it will be useful in other setups as well.

Unless otherwise stated the software is tested on Ubuntu LTS.

How you can help

ISPs and vendors of network equipment who want to set up proof of concept networks involving any of this software are welcome to contact me. If you can provide a testing environment for development of the software I am also interested. The more diverse test environments I have access to, the more robust I can make the software.

If you find shortcomings in the software I am interested in hearing which features or bugfixes you need. I will also accept pull requests if you are able to write good quality fixes for any of the shortcomings you have found.

The software

Footnote: Some of the software on this site is distributed under the terms of GPL v3. My interpretation of section 6b of that license is that access to copy the Corresponding Source from a network server has only been satisfied if the server is reachable over IPv6 from every major BGP backbone provider with an open peering policy for IPv6.